Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Happy Post-Holiday

Hope no one got burned over the holiday - those fireworks can get out of hand! We had at least two fires here in town start from firework mishaps. Also, in honor of the troops, several hoodlams decided to stage their own war at Astroworld. What patriotism!

Hoodlams Brawl at Astroworld

Caught some of the Live 8 concert - really great performances, but what exactly is the point of having this huge concert without raising any actual money to fight hunger? Especially since the original raised a large sum for that very purpose... I guess it's more important to pay the already inflated egos of these performers instead of giving to a worthy cause. All the artists who performed there should follow the example of Pink Floyd. Not only did they put aside their differences to perform, but they are handing their profits over to charity.

Pink Floyd Gives Live 8 Proceeds to Charity

Oh, and just for grins, who knew things were so bad for Darth since the final installment is complete?

Darth Out of a Job


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