Monday, July 30, 2007

Talented Friends

In the last week I've seen a few friends performing around town and I just wanted to give a shout out to them so maybe others can catch their performances as well. Although the show has finished its cycle, my friend Natalie played one of the leads in a musical called Sideshow, and the entire cast was really terrific. The show featured two ladies playing Siamese twins trying to break out of the sideshow and into vaudeville. The production company belongs to Natalie's husband, and I hope to see more from them soon.

On Saturday night we ventured out to Katy and caught a friend's band playing at FBI II. The band, Last Man, went on second to last, actually. They have a good metal sound, but it comes across as slightly Rage Against the Machine as well. They also used the Deftones as a comparison to their sound. Give these guys a listen, as they will be playing at Fitzgerald's next weekend.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Potter Mania 2007, Vol. 2

By some miracle, I managed to finish reading The Deathly Hallows before anyone could spoil it for me, and I was enthralled by this last volume more so than any of the others. Perhaps it was the hype, or the fact that all the puzzles would finally come together in this one, but I have to give it up to Rowling for putting out a very exciting last chapter to our favorite boy wizard. To anyone who hasn't read it yet, go do so before someone gives away the ending. You won't be disappointed! I hope the movie does it justice.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I'm in Trouble Now...

After months of agonizing over it, I finally broke down and bought an RX-8. It is little, red, SO cute, and rides like a dream. Someone finally bought my old car, and after I test-drove this one, the decision was made for me. Now I just have to keep from getting any speeding tickets so I can afford the note! Loving the speed...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Potter Mania 2007, Vol. 1

Yes, I was in the theater at midnight last night with all the other crazies to see the new Harry Potter movie, and yes, my book 7 is pre-ordered. This movie was good, to be sure, but as any fan of the book would be, I was irritated by the changes brought about through the translation onto screen. The Luna Lovegood and Delores Umbridge parts were well-cast, and both actresses did very well. All three of the main characters have come such a long way in their acting, and it shows on screen. Radcliffe most especially is coming into his own and will surely have a strong career after the last two movies are finished. The beginning of the movie worked well for showing his range, as did his struggle at the end (which was not in the book, but seemed to work fairly well for the movie). One annoying aspect for me was that Ron seemed to be mumbling through most of his lines. It may have been the loud theater, but most of what I could hear was quite funny, and I wish it would have been clearer. Oh well, that's why I always buy the movie and watch it at home as loud as I want. Now I get to fight sleep all day at work until I can crash blissfully as soon as I get home today.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Wet Weekend, Watching Movies

Saw some very cool movies this weekend. Two at the theater - the new Transformers movie, which is a Michael Bay action-fest, and 1408, the new John Cusack thriller. Transformers, despite the occasional cheesy line, was definitely worth seeing, especially on the big screen. It was packed with car chases, explosions, and the usual action flick fare, but the CGI was done very well, and it was done tastefully enough that many brought their children in to see it. I was also pleased to hear some of the old voices from the cartoon series. Lots of fun to watch, and it kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. As for 1408, I spent most of the movie jumping out of my seat. John Cusack plays a cynical writer who stays in a haunted room of a hotel, and from the moment he checks in to the end of the movie, I was jumping, closing my eyes, and even yelling out loud at one point. I haven't jumped like that in a movie since The Ring. Finally, I was able to snag a copy of The Fountain from my local Blockbuster, and it was such a beautiful film. It is visually stunning, with a lovely soundtrack and a very interesting take on the story of creation as to how it applies to many religions. I'll probably end up adding that one to my collection. Hope everyone had a drier weekend than mine.