Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Funny stuff on a dreary day

All this news about Heath Ledger seems to be bringing everyone down. Even President Bush cancelled an appearance due to the news. I thought I'd post some funny stuff to compensate, since I kinda needed a pick-me-up today myself:

25 Weirdest toys

Jerry O'Connell spoofs Tom Cruise's nutty Scientology video

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Big Monster

So we ran out this past weekend to see the Cloverfield movie so no one would spoil it for me. Yes I fell for the hype, but in order to describe the monster you'd have to combine a few species, you still wouldn't get it quite right, and the person you're describing it to would still look pretty confused. Better to just go see it yourself and make your own judgement. It was a decent flick, but nothing to get nuts about - basically another spin off Godzilla if you ask me. I saw The Host not too long ago and actually enjoyed it more, although the CG wasn't quite as big budget as Cloverfield, the story was more interesting, the ending had more of a twist, and the monster was more intriguing even though it wasn't the size of a small building.

Go see Cloverfield if you must, but not because you are worried someone will spoil it for you, and make sure you can handle the constant movement of the camera - it is filmed much like Blair Witch Project, very amateur-style, and the lady next to us had to leave in the middle of the film because she was getting motion sick.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Enough Crazy to Go Around

We all know Britney has gone off the deep end, but she's not alone:

Celine Dion is a loony

Beyonce is a nutjob

Tom Cruise gone apeshizz

But crazy isn't reserved only for the famous... crazy exists all over:

Video gamers gone wild

Even cats are losing it

Posts found via Gawker, PITNBlog, four four, and You Tube

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Snow in Baghdad

I was touched by the story about the snowfall in Baghdad last week, and I had to share it with my favorite political blogger on the People's Republic of Seabrook. It seems it touched him too, and he gave me a shout out about it - yay!

Snow in Baghdad

Sushi Nite!

As we had cause for some celebrating last night, we decided to go out for some sushi. I tend to overlook the Miyako chain since I like frequenting the smaller out-of-the-way places, but I have to rave about our experience last night. It was very quiet, probably typical for a Monday. We sat on the Japanese-style side, taking our shoes off and the whole bit. They had a few choices of unfiltered sake, which is sometimes unavailable at many places. We decided to go with the sui mai, seared ahi tuna special, a crunch roll and some assorted sushi. Everything was wonderful, especially the tuna and crunch roll. We were stuffed, and the price was fairly reasonable considering the quality of the food and the fact that we had sake with dinner as well. Next time we're going out for sushi, I won't be so quick to dismiss Miyako's!