Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Cafe Adobe - bad night out

Normally I really enjoy Cafe Adobe, but my most recent trip (Thursday the 7th) left much to be desired. Our group was abnormally large (at least 30 people), and though we tried to warn them in advance, they not only insisted that they do not accept reservations, but they seemed very annoyed that we overran their bar area until they could find suitable seating for us. It took forever to get drinks at the bar - I know I waited at least 30 minutes for a freaking margarita. Then they closed the tab without telling anyone because they claimed our table was ready - a lie, I tell you... LIE!!! It was another 20 minutes before we were seated... all at one long table. We were given ONE waiter for the entire group, and the dude came by three times trying to take drink orders before we had to explain to him that WE WERE HUNGRY and wanted to order dinner, not drinks!! Naturally, one end of the table was served before the other, so people on the far ends were alternately getting served and getting up to leave all at the same time. Oh, and my food was cold when I got it. Top it off that the window was leaking rain water all over the floor, and it was an eventful dinner. Hint for big groups - go elsewhere!