Sunday, March 22, 2009

Theft and Unhelpful Glass Repair

This past Wednesday I awoke to find my car, along with ten others in my complex, had been broken into. My driver side window was smashed, and the thief reached in, opened my console, and took my 30G iPod, the iPod case, the holder attached to my AC vent, my iPod FM tuner, and even my stupid plastic sunglasses. Not to mention ruining my morning, and being out the cost of the stolen items, I am also having to come up with the money for my window repair. I immediately filed a report with the police, who actually sent officers out to assess the damage and attempt to take fingerprints.

The very next thing I did was to find a glass repair place as soon as possible. I managed to find a somewhat reasonable quote from Safety Glass Company, who has offices throughout Texas. They got back with me rather quickly, and made an appointment to come to my residence and do the repairs on Friday afternoon between the hours of 1pm and 5pm. Although I was not happy about being sans window for the rest of the week, I was happy to just have it done before the weekend since I had made plans to go out of town. On Friday afternoon, when I had not heard back from anyone by 3:30pm, I called to find out if there was a problem. The lady at the office told me they were running behind due to overbooking, and she would have the technician call me back immediately. When the gentleman called, he explained that he was out in Sugarland, did not have the glass with him, and did not think he would be able to make it to fix mine before dark. I told him I did not care that he had overbooked, it was not my problem, and I needed my car repaired that day. I spoke again to the lady in the office, and she wanted to assure me that the glass would be repaired that evening, but she wanted to make sure I was not going to "yell" at the technician. Apparently he has a fear of aggressive females. Later that evening, I got another call from a different technician stating that he had been given this job at the last minute, that the glass was unavailable, and that he would have to do it in the morning. I went off on the guy. I tried calling the office AGAIN, but naturally it was closed. I spoke again to the second technician, and explained my situation in a calmer manner, and he assured me he would take care of it the following morning even though it was his day off.

I never heard back from anyone all weekend. Now I'd like to tell everyone not to use this sorry service for ANY glass repair, as they are obviously not interested in customer service. Also, as a precaution, don't leave items plugged into the charge outlets in your car. It is an open invitation to thieves that you most likely have electronic devices in your car. Each person whose car was broken into in our particular situation all had items plugged into their car outlets.


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