Friday, November 14, 2008

The Fall, Top Chef, and Online Idiots

Just watched a little-known movie recently out on DVD called The Fall. It was done by the same guy (Tarsem Singh) who was responsible for The Cell, and he brought the same gorgeous cinematography to this film. Its a sort of love letter to silent movie stuntmen and legends like Buster Keaton, but it is beautifully told and features a lovely little girl who in my opinion should be on the same level as Shirley Temple. If you get the chance, watch it!

The new season of Top Chef started this week, and I'm not as jazzed about these contestants, but hopefully that will change. The first quickfire was an elimination, and was rather blandly done with apples (Big Apple - New York, I get it. Blah.). The big challenge brought in some familar famous chef judges from seasons past, and had the contestants cooking from several different ethnic communities. It seems that the ones that make it to the end are either very politically correct and amiable, or really egotistical. It looks as if the ego award will probably go to Stefan, and rightfully so since he won both the quickfire and main challenges. Will that secure him a spot in the final? My money is on yes, but whether he will win in the end is, I hope, up for debate. The hottie is most definitely Jeff, and I love quirky Carla. I'd love to see her, Gene, Hosea or Jamie make the final cut. I'm not picking a winner this time since Richard broke my streak last season, but I'll be watching every week!

And finally, in the stupid news category, this report on CNN about a Second Life divorce just really takes the cake for non-newsworthy reporting. I'd like to know what lame-o executive over there has so few real life experiences that a ridiculous break-up of two people who cannot exist out from behind a monitor screen is one of the top national news stories today. Aren't there more important things happening? I don't give a flying fart about two WoW-addicted morons who spend their time trying to make their online personalities work since they can't seem to have one in reality. Don't get me wrong - I have spent a significant amount of time playing games, and I'm a big fan of The Sims, but GET A LIFE ALREADY (NOT a "Second Life")!!!!