Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Elizabeth Returns

Forget the movies based on comic book heroes, how about one that actually existed? And a woman, at that! I absolutely loved the first film with Cate Blanchett, and although this one is like it in many ways, there are a few differences as well. It is much more grand, probably because she is now settled into her monarchy, and the opulence that goes along with the title. There are larger than life scenes, like the sea battle and the attempt on her life. Every frame of the film is beautiful, and the story is riveting. It is made all the more so due to the fact that you are constantly telling yourself that it all really happened. I loved the portrayal of the Spanish King Philip - it was just desperate and evil enough with a dash of comical. They don't really go into the particulars of the Spanish Inquisition, only the ominance of it. However, the torture suffered at the hands of Walsingham was bad enough - I would not want to be on his bad side. As always, Cate is wonderful, as is Geoffrey Rush. Clive Owen seems a little stiff in his role as Raleigh, but "sails" through it well enough. Okay, enough cheesy puns for today. Go out and see the movie!