Sunday, September 23, 2007

Eastern Promises

Didn't have a very busy weekend considering I'm in the midst of exams, but I was able to catch a flick this weekend. Eastern Promises is the new Viggo Mortensen drama in theaters, but it hasn't been getting much press, probably because of its graphic content. His other movie of similar style, A History of Violence, was treated in the same way by both the theaters and most audiences. However, it won't be too much for anyone who can sit through an episode of The Sopranos. Yes, there is violence. Yes, there are bones breaking. Yes, there are nude/sex scenes. Yes, it is disturbing at times. This is not a pretty film, but it is very good. I listened to several women in the bathroom after the film griping about how graphic it was. However, none of them said it was a bad movie, and none of them complained about seeing Viggo in all his naked glory (its about time we get some gratuitous male nudity after all the unnecessary boob shots in filmdom). People were walking out with a look of shock, but none could say the movie didn't stick with them in more ways than one.