Saturday, August 11, 2007

Stardust and Social

Went out on the big town last night and enjoyed the new movie Stardust with Michelle Pfeiffer and Robert DeNiro. It was an okay movie - not on the same level as Pan's Labyrinth or 300, but a decent fantasy flick filmed in some really gorgeous scenic locations. Claire Danes plays a rather bitchy fallen star at first, but she eventually gets a little easier to bear by the end of the movie. Not nearly her best work, though. The newcomer/main character played by Charlie Cox was done well, but the best part goes to DeNiro for his cross-dressing pirate captain.

Later in the evening, we met some friends at The Social, over on Washington between Yale and Heights Blvd. The DJ was good, although he played a lot of retro stuff, and there was new decor. Lots of pretty people packed the joint, and it was very good for people-watching. There is no dance floor any more, but plenty of patio space, two bars, and lots of wait staff. The valet guys were very nice, even though the $10 charge was steep, it pays to not have to park and walk for blocks - also, everyone got to see me get out of my new car!! We also got our picture snapped by some guys from the Houston Press, and here is the link to see it!