Thursday, August 18, 2005

Ziggy's Sunday Brunch - not so nice

I will NOT be sampling the fare of Ziggy's "Healthy" Grill again. Whether this was the fault of new management, new cook, or a combination of the two, our experience on Sunday was not a pleasant one, and might have been ugly if we'd have stayed any longer. We had a party of about ten people, seated ourselves and then ordered our food at the counter after all our party arrived. Although we all ordered at about the same time, the three people who had salads and/or sandwiches got their food in about 20 minutes. I got my burger after waiting 40 minutes, and the rest of the group had to wait over an hour for their burgers. We tried to laugh it off and enjoy ourselves, but we also wanted the management to know about the inconvenience, so we reported it to our waiter and asked what he could do to remedy the situation. He gave us a list of excuses, the topmost one being that they have a new cook, and the best he can do is to tell him to hurry. This is when the agitation began. After a few more complaints, we asked to speak to the manager, at which we were told that the whiny little dude who was supposed to be our waiter was also the manager. He then proceeded to argue with our group and tell us he was putting his ass on the line for us. Wha???? Anyway, the scene began to get ugly as some of our group began demanding free desserts, and then refusing to eat them after the whiny pseudo-manager brought them out. (I was not about to eat one for fear of what was being done to them in the kitchen - nor did I ask for one.) Finally, the scene turned into an all-out argument, at which I could no longer hold my tongue, and I told the whiny dude rather loudly that he was only making it worse with his piss-poor attitude. At which I excused myself and left with a rather unsettled stomach. Final summary - too much trouble for cold food. I can eat healthy at home.


Thomas said...

I ate here once before a final exam which I didn't really ace. I always blamed Ziggy's for that.